4 Tips to Make Caring for Your Electronics Easier

Far too many people buy their electronics and then don’t give a second thought to their care, which unfortunately means more breakages and more money out of your pocket. Caring for electronics doesn’t need to be difficult, so I’ve put together a few tips that’ll make your life easier and make your electronics last longer.

Clean Them

I’ve seen far too many crumb-filled keyboards or tablets covered in grubby fingerprints in my time. Cleaning your electronics regularly will help to prevent damage, while also letting them work as intended – your TV viewing experience isn’t exactly the best when it’s covered in marks or dust. Make sure you use the right equipment when you’re cleaning electronics though. Some household sprays can damage screens and rough cloths can lead to scratches. You can pick up the basics like fine brushes, anti-static cloths and screen cleaner for a few pounds through most major online retailers.

Get Protective Cases

As anyone who has dropped an iPhone knows, protective cases for handhelds are an absolute must. Not only do these cases keep your handheld’s screen from being cracked or scratched, they can also help to protect them from even the most surprising blunt force phone trauma, as my fiancée learned when she slammed her phone in the car door by mistake. A £10 phone case can save you from having to fork out on repairs or replacements.

Use Cable Tidies

Most electronics will be permanently plugged into the wall or at the very least be occasionally attached to a charging lead. Having so many cables lying around not only looks messy, but it can easily lead to damage to your electronics if the cables are tangled for long periods of time or pulling on the socket. Unfortunately, I’ve broken a few electronics myself by catching my foot on a cable and accidentally yanking it to the floor (where it invariably shattered in some way). Keeping your cables out of the way and organised with cable tidies will help you avoid any catastrophic accidents.

Store Them Properly

Safely storing electronics doesn’t mean just keeping them away from the neighbourhood magnet factory. It’s always best to keep them in a safe place, out of the reach of children and pets, and away from edges or feet. This will avoid any falling incidents or that feeling of crushing self-loathing when you stand on the screen of your brand-new tablet.

Hopefully, a lot of you already stick to at least a few of these tips but following them all will help you to protect your electronics, get more time out of them and save yourself some money on repairs or replacements.

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