PC Accessories You Can’t Live Without

You could be playing on a beastly gaming machine or a custom build barely held together with tape, but there are a few things that you just can’t do without for your PC (aside from a monitor obviously). Here are just a few of the accessories that you definitely need for your PC to have the absolute best experience possible.


If you’re doing any online gameplay then a decent headset is a must, and no that doesn’t mean the little one that you got for free with your desktop in the 90s that sounds like someone talking through a particularly dense bit of cheese. A good quality headset will let you hear and communicate with your team-mates properly, giving you the upper hand and removing the need to perform digital charades. Even when you’re playing offline, a good headset will usually give you a better gameplay experience because of the higher quality earphones. There is really no reason at all not to have one of these. If you’d like to spend a little more you could also consider buying earphones and a separate discrete mic, for the absolute best in quality.


While a mouse and keyboard may be the best choice for first person shooters or twitch-based gaming, a controller can improve the experience of other genres of games, particularly adventure games and platformers. While it might seem like heresy to a dedicated PC gamer, an Xbox or PlayStation controller will often be the best option and make for a more relaxed gaming experience. Just don’t try to play Counter-Strike with one.

Steam Link

The Steam Link will let you stream gameplay from your PC to your TV, allowing you to harness the power of playing on a gaming rig while sitting back on the couch and playing with a controller. These little boxes are fairly easy to set up and are becoming increasingly cheaper, so if you have a decent internet speed at home the Steam Link can make for a good alternative to a full-blown console.

Mouse Mat

Please tell me that you’ve not been dragging your mouse around on top of your bare desk. Mouse mats don’t only exist to protect your desk, they also provide the friction and contact that can play a massive role in gameplay. Rather than scraping your mouse across the wood of your desk, why not invest in a mouse mat to improve your experience, particularly as they are fairly inexpensive to buy. Mouse mats tend to come in a few different shapes and sizes with varying levels of friction and even ergonomic wrist pads. Have a good look around to find the best type of mouse mat for you, and you’ll be shocked how much a difference such a simple addition can make.

So, there you have it, just a few PC accessories that can help to make your gaming experience that much better.

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