The Best Tablets of 2018 So Far

There has never been a wider selection of great handheld tablets to buy than right now, but with so many to choose from how are you supposed to know which one to pick? Here are my picks for the best Apple, Android, Amazon and Windows tablets of 2018, so far.

Apple: iPad Pro 10.5

This is quite literally one of the best tablets that have ever been made, and that’s not a joke or some overinflation of an Apple product, it’s just that good. Good battery life, a cracking camera and high-speed specs out the wazoo. All of this wrapped up in Apple’s great user experience and craftsmanship. The only downside really is the extravagant cost of this beast, unfortunately, another Apple trademark. But If you’re looking for the best money can buy, you’ve found it.

Android: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Coming in with almost the same quality as the iPad Pro 10.5, this is a great choice for slightly less money than it’s Apple competitor. With almost identical specifications there isn’t much to say about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 that I didn’t say about the iPad Pro 10.5. The only areas this tablet really falls behind is in it’s shorter battery life, and slightly smaller screen size and resolution. If you’re after something to basically replace your laptop, but don’t have a budget for the iPad Pro, then this a great choice.

Windows: Surface Pro 4

The Surface comes in at just about the same level as the Galaxy Tab and iPad Pro, but it doesn’t quite compare to those powerhouses. However, if you’re wanting to have the Windows experience and everything that comes with it, this is the perfect choice for you. This tablet works well as a more portable replacement for your laptop and is especially ideal for design work because of its fantastic stylus.

Amazon: Fire HD 8

Unlike the others, the Fire HD 8 is not going to be a replacement for your laptop, but rather a traditional tablet that is great for watching media on. Despite the age of the tech behind the Fire, it is the ridiculously low-price tag that makes this an attractive option. If you’re looking for something to stream on, then this might be the tablet for you. Unfortunately, there is a bit of a dearth in non-Amazon content that is available on the Fire, particularly while the dispute between Amazon and Google is ongoing, so keep in mind that you may be limited in what you can do even further. For this price bracket, the Fire HD 8 is pretty much the best that you can get.

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