YABATECH Cut-Off Mark For Academic Session 2023/2024

YABATECH Cut-Off Mark For Academic Session 2023/2024

In this comprehensive guide, we will go into the intricacies of the YABATECH cut-off marks for the upcoming 2023/2024 academic session. Whether you are seeking clarity on the YABATECH JAMB cut-off mark, the YABATECH Departmental cut-off mark, or the Yaba College of Technology Post UTME cut-off mark, we are here to provide you with the essential details.

YABATECH Cut Off Mark 2023/2024

If you find yourself among wondering about the Yaba College of Technology’s cut-off mark for the forthcoming 2023/2024 academic session, particularly to ascertain your eligibility for admission, you’ve arrived at the right place. We are pleased to present the official YABATECH cut-off mark for the upcoming academic session, right here on this page.

Prospective students of the esteemed Yaba College of Technology are strongly advised to dedicate a moment to review the official YABATECH cut-off mark for the 2023/2024 academic session. This mark has been thoughtfully released by the institution’s management to provide clarity and transparency in the admission process. Below, you will discover not only the YABATECH JAMB cut-off mark but also the YABATECH departmental cut-off mark.

YABATECH Cut-Off Mark for All Courses

It is imperative to note that the school’s administration has publicly disclosed the official and universally accepted YABATECH JAMB cut-off mark for the forthcoming 2023/2024 academic session, which has been set at a commendable 150. Aspiring scholars of the Yaba College of Technology are urged to take note of this crucial benchmark, as it offers valuable insights into their prospective academic journey.

This significant threshold signifies that all candidates who have partaken in the 2023 JAMB examinations and have achieved scores equal to or surpassing the 150-mark, while concurrently selecting the Yaba College of Technology as their institution of choice, stand eligible to apply for the YABATECH Post UTME form. Delve into the next section to gain an understanding of the Yaba College of Technology’s departmental cut-off marks for the academic year.

YABATECH Departmental Cut-off Mark

The YABATECH school management, in a spirit of transparency and fairness, has graciously unveiled the departmental cut-off marks across various academic programs. It is incumbent upon all prospective undergraduates of the esteemed Yaba College of Technology to align with these specified departmental cut-off marks to facilitate their journey towards securing a coveted spot within the institution.

For all the aspirants who actively participated in both the JAMB and YABATECH Post UTME examinations, success in meeting the stipulated cut-off mark for their chosen fields serves as a robust indicator of their higher prospects of securing admission.

YABATECH cut-off mark for ND Programme  (Full-time) Admission

Outlined below are the detailed programme cut-off marks for the diverse courses offered:

  • ND Accountancy: 59.75
  • ND Agricultural Technology: 50
  • ND Agricultural & Bio-Environmental Engineering: 50.88
  • ND Architectural Technology: 58
  • ND Banking & Finance: 54.38
  • ND Building Technology: 50.63
  • ND Business Administration & Management: 58.50
  • ND Chemical Engineering: 56.75
  • ND Civil Engineering: 56.13
  • ND Computer Engineering: 59.75
  • ND Computer Science: 61.75
  • ND Electrical & Electronics Engineering: 61.50
  • ND Estate Management: 56.25
  • ND Food Technology: 55.88
  • ND General Art: 58.50
  • ND Hospitality Management: 54.00
  • ND Fashion Design: 60.38
  • ND Industrial Maintenance Engineering: 51.50
  • ND Leisure & Tourism: 50
  • ND Marine Engineering: 54.75
  • ND Mechanical Engineering: 57.38
  • ND Marketing: 58.38
  • ND Mass Communication: 62.13
  • ND Mechatronics Engineering: 59.25
  • ND Nutrition & Dietetics: 54.88
  • ND Office Technology & Management: 56.50
  • ND Polymer Technology: 50.00
  • ND Printing Technology: 50.00
  • ND Public Administration: 63.25
  • ND Quantity Surveying: 50.00
  • ND Science Laboratory Technology: 64.38
  • ND Statistics: 50.00
  • ND Surveying & Geo-Informatics: 50.00
  • ND Textile Technology: 50.00
  • ND Urban & Regional Planning: 50.00
  • ND Welding & Fabrication: 50.00
  • ND Metallurgical Engineering: 50.00
  • ND Library & Information Science: 50.00

YABATECH cut-off mark for B. SC Education Programme (Full-time) Admission

For those with an interest in B. SC Education (Full-time) Admission, the  programme cut-off marks are as follows:

  • B. Sc Art Education: 50
  • B. Sc Biology Education: 50
  • B. Sc Business Education: 50
  • B. Sc Chemistry Education: 50
  • B. Sc Computer Education: 50
  • B. Sc Home Economics Education: 50
  • B. Sc Industrial Technical Education: 50
  • B. Sc Integrated Science: 50
  • B. Sc Mathematics Education: 50
  • B. Sc Physics Education: 50

Do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team with any inquiries you may have regarding JAMB cut-off marks and the YABATECH cut-off mark for Yaba College of Technology’s departmental cut-off marks. 

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